Nutritional Content

  • The first all-natural low-GI protein bar made in Indonesia.

  • Strive bar is designed by combining the best tasting and highest nutritional ingredients to produce a slow release energy bars. This is crucial in many sports to sustain fuel and boost up strength by allowing a slow and consistent amount of glucose release into the blood stream, giving a sustained energy over several hours without the sugar highs and crashes that are usually found in energy bars. Strive aims to better maximize your performance through an optimum energy management and expenditure during any sporting activities. 

  • Strive bar is optimally crafted with nutritionally balanced components including protein, carbohydrate, dietary fat and fiber to provide with the best combination for extended energy and optimizing fuel delivery.

  • Strive bar has a moist texture and is easily digestible (does not need to be consumed with water). Recommended usage is 1 to 3 bars every 45-60 minutes prior or during activities.