Our Story

The story began near the end of 2017. We didn’t even have a name then!  Hold on, we did sort-of have a name, a WhatsApp group, called “425”.  Those sacred digits represent the ungodly wee hours that we meet to start riding our bikes.  Yes, you read it right, that’s 4:25 am, while everyone is still dreaming, we, a group of recreational cyclists, are already pedalling our way through the (rare) and empty streets of our nation’s capital.

Although we come from diverse line of works, ranging from an architect, a couple manufacturing industrialists, and an ex National athlete, we are bounded not only by our passion for cycling, but also our vision in seeing the impossible as something possible. We make things happened! Traffic problem in Jakarta; no problem we wake up earlier. Hard to find nutritious and tasty food to fuel our rides; no problem we make our own energy bars. This is us. We love to challenge the status quo. We are motivated to solve other “mission impossible” when and wherever life takes us.

We never intended to sell our bars commercially. It was purely a passion project. We shared them a lot to our friends.  They were so delicious and nutritionally dense our friends kept asking us for more. We saw an opportunity to do something good for Indonesia (see Our Dream) both in nutrition and sports.  It is from our attitude to keep persevering and refusing to get beaten by the impossibles that the name Strive would be fitting for our bars! 

Started by friendly cyclists, Strive is never meant to be limited for cyclists. Whatever your sports may be, we are here to strive with you. We are excited about all health, wellness, and physical exercise that empower us and improve our day-to-day lives. Whether you compete in a marathon, triathlon, cycling race, or just signed up for a gym membership this new year, Strive is here to celebrate the stories and find the best source of inspiration for your next endorphin rush!

We would love to hear (and see pictures) your stories. You can share them by tagging and following us at our Instagram @striveindonesia or if you just want to say hello, Please drop us a line at weare@striveindonesia.com