Another way we strive to achieve our dream is by supporting local sporting events. In less than a year, we are proud to have co-sponsored three major events. These major events, along the smaller ones we supported, are true to what Strive believes in. We are also very fortunate to have collaborated with other proudly-Indonesian brands who shared the same passion and vision to improve sports in Indonesia.

Our first event was the 2019 Anything Gowes in January. This was a pro-bono event to invite all cycling communities within Jakarta to ride together. Our goal was to encourage cyclists regardless of their bike types to come together as one big community. It was quite a turn-out and attracted a lot of the Capital’s cyclists.

Our second event was the 2019 Bromo KOM Challenge back in March of this year. Sponsoring a cycling event with like minded Proudly Indonesian brands was a no-brainer for us. Conquering a tough climb such Bromo mountain truly embodies the Strivean. And we are glad to be part of it

Our third major event was the 2019 Jakarta Open, which was held recently from 26-28 April. Tennis is one of our founders’ passion before cycling. He and his close friend just wanted to give back to Indonesian tennis. They want to re-ignite the spark among Indonesians for the love of this sport again. We were so inspired when Yayuk Basuki reached Quarterfinal of Wimbledon and reached highest ranking of 19th in the world. Now that she has retired, Aldila is filling her shoes. And together with Strive, we hope that Aldila can be one of the world’s best and inspire her juniors to follow Yayuk’s footsteps