We have an aspiration that one day, our beloved country, Indonesia, being 4th most populous country in the world, will be a powerhouse nation in sports.  Our long-term dream is to help produce more world class athletes and local sports heroes. Surely, our dream may seem too big for a tiny startup like us. Guided by our make-it-happened attitude, we realize that we need to start from a humble beginning. Strive was founded accidentally and never meant to only achieve financial targets. In addition to providing our athletes with proper fuel and nutrition, we have a burning desire to reach our dream by:

  • creating events that will help produce more Indonesian sport heroes

  • encouraging our sport heroes to inspire others to find their own greatness

At the recent 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, we were very fortunate that one of our own Striveans, Aldila Sutjiadi, won a Gold medal for Indonesia in mixed doubles tennis. It was such exhilarating moment for us to see Aldila stepped on the podium. Even more so when Indonesia Raya, our National Anthem, was being played to honor our local champ! We had goose bumps, teary eyes, sense of pride, and a rush of adrenaline running through our veins. It was and addicting experience. And, we definitely want to relive more of it in the future!

Aldila, along with other athletes, such as an inspiring mother-of-two Carla Felany who just won the 2019 Tambora 320km Challenge recently, have been actively helping us by sharing their success stories. We believe they are our heroes and could make a big impact to inspire young generations to follow their foot steps.

At Strive, we believe to:

  • Start Small

  • Think Possibilities

  • Reach for the Impossibles

  • Invest in your Dreams

  • Visualize Victories

  • Elevate Yourself to Inspire Others